Mercedes Benz’s Roadster to have flippy screens to cut down glare

Adjustable Touchscreens to cut down the glare


Mercedes-Benz’s new 2022 AMG SL Roadster is introducing a hardware feature in its model, something that could be followed by others. In an attempt to prevent the glare in the convertible model vehicle, the touch screen is taken out from the dashboard and can be adjusted electronically by anchoring it to the center console.

Touchscreens have become a common thing in cars nowadays. The bigger the screen, the more features it would have. But it reduces the competition in this area. It has also put a bigger responsibility in the area of software. Many auto manufacturing companies are seeking the help of tech giants to bring in the latest technologies in their products.

So, Benz has moved a step forward by introducing the adjustable screens, the 11.9 inches portrait screen in its new AMG SL Roadster. It also has a 12.3 inches screen just behind the steering wheel. The “aviation-inspired” screen is put behind a visor. It is simply a model in which the screen is installed deeper into the dashboard. Glare is thus prevented.

Benz’s new technology has already attracted the interest of auto enthusiasts and if it works out well, more companies will soon follow in the same path.