The customizable Arc Browser is now fully available on Windows


The highly regarded Arc Browser has impressed macOS and iOS users for years, and now it’s finally accessible for Windows users. The Windows version of The Browser Company’s software has been in beta since December. However, it’s important to note that the web browser is currently exclusive to Windows 11, although a version for Windows 10 is in development.

Although Arc competes directly with browsers like Chrome and Edge, it offers unique features. It includes a collapsible sidebar with vertical tabs and bookmarks, eliminating the need for tabs at the top. This provides users with a clear view of the website they’re visiting, free from unnecessary clutter. Additionally, users can create spaces to organize their browsing, similar to desktop folders. For example, users can segregate tabs for recipes and job applications into separate spaces for better organization.

The Peek feature enables users to preview links before opening them, while Little Arc provides a lightweight browsing window for quick and low-memory usage viewing. Adapting to Arc may require a learning curve due to its departure from traditional browser interfaces, but many users find it worthwhile.

Arc is highly customizable, offering users a personalized browsing experience not available with other browsers. Users can customize the appearance of any website they visit, from changing colors to modifying fonts. They can even highlight sections or remove them entirely from view. Additionally, Arc supports Chrome plugins, facilitating an easy transition for users.

A significant aspect of Arc’s release on Windows is its integration with Swift. Arc is built on Swift, a programming language developed by Apple for creating iOS, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch apps. By bringing Arc to Windows, The Browser Company introduces Swift to the Windows platform for the first time. This opens the door for third-party developers to create Windows applications using Swift, which some consider to be faster and more efficient than other programming languages like Python.

The Browser Company assures users that Arc on Windows is just the beginning. They promise regular performance enhancements and the addition of new features in the coming weeks and months. Meanwhile, the browser is available for free for those interested in giving it a try.