Gocycle releases first pics of F1-inspired folding cargo ebikes


London-based Gocycle, founded by Richard Thorpe, a former industrial designer at McLaren, has unveiled the first images of its new lineup of folding cargo ebikes.

Gocycle, renowned for its stylish folding ebikes, had announced its foray into the cargo bike market in February, showcasing 3D renders of two models — the CXi and the premium CX-plus.

Back then, The Verge had expressed skepticism, noting that there were no actual photographs of a real bike, only promises and renders.

Now, with the release of new images, it’s evident that the F1-inspired ebikes are a reality, or at least a prototype of one.

Weighing just 23kg, the CX boasts a “class-leading” weight, capable of carrying up to 220kg, including the rider, passengers, and cargo — a remarkable feat for such a sleek bicycle.

The rear wooden rack, designed for heavy lifting, accommodates MIK-type child seats and can be equipped with panniers for additional capacity or a pet carrier for furry companions.Gocycle-fiev-2

A standout feature is the specially designed handrail, HaloCX, inspired by the halo driver crash-protection system in F1 cars, providing added safety for young passengers.

With a range of approximately 80 kilometers and a top speed of 32 km/h (capped at 25 km/h in Europe), the CX delivers impressive performance.

True to Gocycle’s tradition, the CX is fully foldable, although lifting the 23kg bike without accessories might be strenuous for some. Nonetheless, its foldability sets it apart, considering that most cargo bikes weigh over 40kg.

According to Thorpe, the CX series aims to bring the lightweight, portable characteristics of Gocycle’s ebikes to a customer base often deterred by heavy cargo bikes.

While ideal for urban dwellers needing a versatile bike for daycare runs and commuting, the CX series may face limited demand, particularly in Europe, where alternative transport options are abundant.

Moreover, with prices starting at €7,000 for the CXi and €8,210 for the CX-plus, these cargo bikes are a significant investment. Comparable cargo bikes offer more storage space at a lower cost.

It remains to be seen how the CX series will fare, especially considering the decline in demand for bicycles post-pandemic.

“Entering the cargo ebike scene is a bold move for Gocycle, expanding our product family into uncharted territory,” acknowledges Thorpe.