Microsoft fixes 117 vulnerabilities in its July 2021 Patch Tuesday

The usual release fixed almost 13 critical issues and 9 zero-day issues among others.


Microsoft usually releases fixes for known vulnerabilities on the second Tuesday of every month. In its July 2021 release, it is reported to have fixed 117 known vulnerability issues including zero-day issues.

The security updates are released for a range of Microsoft products and features including Microsoft Office, Windows Defender, Windows Hello and Microsoft Exchange Server and others. Various remote codes including execution, spoofing, information disclosure and memory corruption are fixed in the recent release. Among the fixed updates, 13 were regarded as critical and nine are zero-day issues. Zero-day issues are the issues that were being exploited by hackers before they were known to the developers.

The recent update has also fixed PrintNightmare vulnerability which came into notice only a few days back.

The number of fixes rose tremendously this month. Last month the total number of fixes amounted only to 50. Users are advised to download the new updates for their software which is available through Microsoft Update Catalogue.