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Editorial Guidelines

Make sure to keep in mind the following guidelines:
  • Submissions must be unique (Plagiarism free) to TechOnShow and must not have been published anywhere else before.
  • No press releases.
  • The content must be factual and of topical interest to our core subjects like emerging technology, new smartphones & devices, social media, internet, major tech mergers and acquisitions, emerging and promising tech startups etc.
  • If you think that you have any thoughts worthy enough to be shared with tech entrepreneurs/personalities, investors and innovators, then you can write about it too.
  • Try to bring maximum clarity on your article and keep it simple so that everyone can make sense out of it. Use indents, subheadings and pointers wherever necessary.
  • TechOnShow will not guarantee a specific date or time of publication.
Things to keep in mind while submitting the article
  • Articles should be submitted in a Word document (or google sheet) format only.
  • The article should be around 800-1,200 words
  • It should be accompanied by a high-quality image (sourced from royalty-free websites or own)
  • Graphics and tabular information (wherever applicable)
  • Submission is not a guarantee of publication. TechOnShow reserves the final right on whether to publish.
Things to keep in mind after submitting the article
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Submission rules

Articles should not include: contact information (tele/email/web links), bold type, underlining or unwarranted reference to the services, brand or capabilities of the author’s organisation/company etc.

Submission is not a guarantee of publication. TechOnShow reserves the final right on whether to publish, regardless of any other arrangements that may exist.

Editing Rights

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