Adobe releases Acrobat AI assistant with a starting $4.99 per month price


Adobe has introduced its artificial intelligence assistant on Monday, designed to aid users in comprehending the contents of digital documents. Subscriptions for this service start at $4.99 per month.

In addition to the main release, Adobe is rolling out a beta version of the tool for mobile devices, which can interact via voice commands. Furthermore, the service will be available as extensions on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

The subscription pricing for this feature is currently labeled as an “early access” rate by Adobe, with plans for adjustments in the future.

Initially announced and launched in beta back in February, Adobe’s AI assistant operates within Acrobat, utilizing a chatbot interface to address user queries about PDFs and other documents. It can locate specific information, generate summaries, and provide citations based on the document’s text.

According to Adobe, the tool has various applications, from assisting taxpayers in navigating through documents to aiding consumers in understanding terms of service agreements and helping students compile study guides from academic materials.

Abhigyan Modi, senior vice president of Adobe’s document product group, highlighted the ongoing development efforts to enhance the assistant’s capabilities, particularly in supporting users working with multiple documents simultaneously.

Modi explained, “A document approach is somewhat different because we’re not creating our own language models. We’re still grounding in your content and giving you information out of that.”