Segway partners with Drover AI, Luna to bring computer vision to its products


Segway-Ninebot has announced partnerships with two startups, Drover AI and Luna Systems, to integrate their computer vision technology into its AI-enabled e-scooters. The collaborations were revealed at the Micromobility Europe event in Amsterdam and mark a strategic shift for Segway. Last year, the company launched the S90L, an AI-powered scooter that offered a vertically integrated solution for scooter advanced rider assistance systems (ARAS), encompassing hardware, sensors, and computer vision models.

However, Segway realized it was spreading itself too thin and decided to focus on its core competencies. As a result, the company will now concentrate on building the hardware and working with partners to provide the software. Drover, based in Los Angeles, and Luna, based in Dublin, have been at the forefront of the camera-focused scooter ARAS movement, supplying attachable IoT modules to various companies in the shared micromobility space.

Segway’s partnerships with Drover and Luna are non-exclusive and offer two options for customers. Those purchasing S90L models can choose to implement either Drover’s or Luna’s scooter ARAS algorithms directly from the factory. Segway’s own software will also be available but will not receive significant promotion. The company envisions creating a mini app store for its scooters, allowing developers, startups, and operators to train the vehicles with their own algorithms while utilizing Segway’s platform as the computer on which their algorithms run.

For operators without S90L models but seeking scooter ARAS capability, Segway offers a modular AI system called Pilot Edge. This add-on box contains all the necessary sensors, into which Drover or Luna’s technology can be integrated. While Segway is open to any software chosen by its operator customers, it has a preferred software partnership with Drover. Similarly, Drover recommends purchasing Segway’s hardware platform for integrated vehicles and stand-alone computer vision modules.

For Drover and Luna, collaborating with Segway means they can focus on software development and charge monthly fees for scooter ARAS, without the need to handle hardware production and deployment. This arrangement allows the startups to avoid the complexities and costs associated with building and managing hardware inventory, benefiting from Segway’s scale and supply chain capabilities.