Amazon Echo’s Alexa can now be called Ziggy

Alexa was characteristically a feminine voice and Ziggy sounds more masculine


Amazon Echo has added a new name and sound for its Alexa. This sound can be changed or can be used interchangeably with Alexa. Amazon Echo calls the new sound Ziggy.

The voice assistant was always called Alexa and had a feminine voice. But when asked, the voice assistant replied that since it is an AI, it doesn’t have a gender. Now you can change it. There are different settings for the wake word and voice. So, you are free to mix and match. Earlier Echo could respond to names like Amazon, Echo, or Computer other than Alexa.

The voice assistant was undeniably called Alexa by almost everyone. The various sound options provided were only applicable to few features like weather and timer. Now the masculine-sounding voice can be set for all the features where “Alexa’s sound” was used.

You can change these in your Alexa app. These are present in Echo & Alexa option under the devices option.