Meta is currently experimenting with a trending topics feature on its Threads platform


Meta is currently testing a new feature on Threads that allows users to stay updated on trending conversations within the platform. Mark Zuckerberg announced the trial of “today’s top topics” in the United States via a post on Threads.

This feature will highlight “timely topics that others are discussing” and will be visible in search results and interspersed among posts in the For You feed, as Meta explained. The selection of trends will be based on real-time engagement data collected by their AI systems, according to Instagram head Adam Mosseri.

Interestingly, Threads will include trends related to politics and elections, despite Meta’s recent decision to refrain from suggesting political content unless users opt-in. However, Meta clarified that this restriction won’t apply to the trending feature. A Meta spokesperson stated, “Political content can be a topic,” adding that only content violating Community Guidelines or integrity policies will be removed.

The introduction of trending topics addresses a longstanding demand from Threads users seeking to use the service for real-time information and updates. While the feature was initially spotted in an internal version of the app, its broader rollout was uncertain due to Mosseri’s cautious approach toward promoting discussions on politics and hard news.

Although AI algorithms will largely determine the surfaced topics, Meta intends to curate the content to ensure compliance with Community Guidelines and integrity standards. A team of content specialists will oversee this curation process, ensuring that topics are relevant, accurate, and not in violation of guidelines, as stated by a Meta spokesperson.

Currently, “today’s top topics” is undergoing a small-scale test, with plans for broader implementation in more countries and languages once the feature is refined, as stated by Zuckerberg.