Tokyo Olympics: Tiny bus for match ball delivery in Rugby 7s catches attention

The tiny bus was compared to the tiny car of Euro 2020


It was not long ago that tiny cars entered the football field for match ball delivery during Euro 2020. Tokyo Olympics also introduced their version of this tiny car. They used a tiny bus to deliver the match ball during the Rugby 7s game. The ball was delivered through a conversion on the top of the bus.

The first rugby match was between the host country Japan and Fiji. The match started after the ball was delivered by the tiny bus. Many fans got interested in it and many even compared it to the tiny car of Euro 2020. For Euro 2020, Volkswagen was one of its sponsors and it was them who made the tiny car. But the tiny bus of Japan does not have a sponsor.

The tiny bus became a display of some simple technological advances of Japan. Because it became popular, many people were attracted to watching the game. The no-audience event is getting people to talk about it with simple yet interesting innovations like this.