Logitech Logi Bolt encrypts wireless keyboards and mouse connections

Logi Bolt USB receiver will cost $14.99

Logitech Logi Bolt encrypts wireless keyboards and mouse connections

For the past few years, the trend in computer-centric workspaces has been to clean workspaces by either burying those annoying cords or going wireless. Wireless keyboards and mouse are nothing new, and they come in a variety of styles, sizes, and connectivity options. Bluetooth peripherals save USB slots at the expense of stability, but wireless receivers, despite their better connections, are sometimes less secure. With the new Logi Bolt technology, Logitech is attempting to blend the best of both worlds by establishing a secure wireless connection using a USB Bluetooth dongle.

Logitech offers a variety of Bluetooth keyboards and mouse, which may be all that’s required for some users to get started. Bluetooth connections, on the other hand, can be finicky and have a limited range, which is why some people prefer to utilise traditional “wireless” peripherals that require a USB receiver. However, those USB receivers have been shown to be less secure, which is a big no in an enterprise context.

The new Logi Bolt keyboards and mouse can connect to computers directly via Bluetooth, but Logitech claims that connecting via a Logi Bolt USB dongle provides significant benefits. The most important is security, which is ensured by the dongle’s use of Bluetooth Low Energy Security Mode 1, Level 4, which complies with US Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS). This encrypts wireless connections, making it more difficult for hackers to read keystrokes from wireless keyboards.

Even in congested environments with several Wi-Fi access points or wireless devices, Logi Bolt improves wireless connections. A single Logi Bolt dongle may couple with up to six devices, unlike a standard wireless USB receiver. The Logi Bolt, despite being a Bluetooth receiver, can only be coupled with other Logi Bolt devices, further enhancing its security.

As appealing as Logitech Logi Bolt may appear to be for businesses, it requires the purchase of Logitech Logi Bolt-compatible keyboards and mice. The first accessories are scheduled to be available later this month, with the Logi Bolt USB receiver costing $14.99 on its own.