Huawei shipped more smartphones than Apple in the second quarter


Huawei overtook Apple and moved up into second place in market share of worldwide smartphone shipments in Q2 2018, according to data from IDC, Canalys, and Strategy Analytics. The company shipped over 54 million handsets in the second quarter compared to the 41.3 million iPhones that Apple sold and Samsung’s 73 million units. “The arrival of Huawei in the second position marks the first quarter since 2Q10 where Apple has not been the number one or two smartphone company in terms of market share,” IDC said in its press release.

According to IDC’s figures, Q2 market share breaks down as follows: Samsung had 20.9 percent, Huawei had 15.8 (a new record for the company), and Apple had 12.1 percent share. Xiaomi and Oppo rounded out the list. Apple is expected to release as many as three new iPhone models in September, so Huawei’s time in the second-place spot might be short-lived.

But the big jump — an increase of 41 percent in shipments for Huawei year over year — was driven in large part by the company’s Honor brand. IDC says Honor phones are “a key driver of growth for the Chinese tech giant,” and Canalys estimates that they “accounted for two thirds of the near 16 million jump that Huawei made this quarter.” Nearly 4 million Honor devices were shipped outside China.