Facebook’s new feature will let you know whether your post was removed because of automation

Facebook has changed some of its policies owing to the Oversight Board's suggestions


Facebook will let you know when your post has been removed as a result of automation. The Oversight Board which they had set up earlier has suggested the change so that the social network can be more transparent with users on how their posts are removed.

Updates are being made in response to the policy recommendations by the Board. This new feature comes as a result of one of the very first cases that the Board took up. The case surrounds a post that was removed because of the company’s nudity rules while actually, the post meant to raise awareness on breast cancer. The post was later restored and the company blamed its automated systems for the removal. It also updated rules to allow “health-related nudity”. The Oversight Board suggested Facebook let users know whether their post was removed with automation or as a result of a human content reviewer. This feature is now implemented. The company also said that it will analyze whether the users are getting a clearer picture of who removed their posts.

The Oversight Board took up only a few cases after it had been set up. But its decisions are making Facebook change some of the policies of the company. This can be considered a good change even though in some cases they disregard the suggestions simply because the implementation would take so much time.