Amazon to announce a smartphone by June


Amazon is long rumored for releasing its own smartphone. Now a report in The Wall Street Journal claims that the company will announce its smartphone by June. The device will reportedly start shipping in September. The report also says that the company has been showcasing early prototypes to the developers in San Francisco and Seattle in recent weeks. Inline with previous reports the upcoming phone will support 3D content display without requiring users to wear special glasses. The device is said to include retina-tracking technology “embedded in four front-facing cameras” to achieve a 3D effect.

Amazon’s upcoming phone will face tough competition from Samsung and Apple. In 2011, the company has launched its own app store, which currently features around 200,000 apps. So the upcoming device will get all of its apps from this store. Amazon should come out with a really different marketing strategy and pricing, to sell its devices in this highly competitive market.

SOURCE: The Wall Street Journal

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