Twitter’s upcoming feature will automatically archive tweets

Twitter has not mentioned when the feature will come as a test

Twitter’s upcoming feature will automatically archive tweets

Twitter has disclosed yet another feature it plans to develop in the future: a built-in archive. Users will be able to have their tweets archived automatically after a set amount of time, boosting privacy and preventing others from viewing their tweet history.

When you send a tweet, it remains on your Twitter account until you actively delete it. As a result, some users’ past tweet history has been reviewed and utilised against them. As a result, some Twitter users delete their tweets manually after a period of time.Twitter is looking into the issue and may implement an automatic tweet archiving tool in the future. The software would automatically hide a user’s tweets after 30, 60, or 90 days, according to the company. Another option being considered by the firm is to archive tweets after a year has passed since they were posted.

The company stated that the tweet archives as a service is still in the “concept phase,” which means that no type of test would be made available to specific consumers for some time.If Twitter follows through on its plans, this new tool will be added to the company’s other beta capabilities, which include burying “liked” tweets, removing oneself from conversations, and removing followers without blocking them.

These features are still in development, according to the source, and may appear as tests in the future. However, like with any test, it’s possible that the features may launch with major changes or that they’ll be completely scrapped.