Apple VR headsets will require an iPhone to function

The device is supposed to come as a development kit next year

Apple VR headsets will require an iPhone to function

People tend to think smartphone-driven VR or AR headsets are out of the market now. But Apple may soon come with one and make it popular once again. If we think that the failure of Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR was due to the way they attached smartphones to your head to do all of their functions. Apple, on the other hand, maybe taking a different approach. According to people close to the situation, Apple will take a hybrid approach to its mixed reality headgear, which will still require an iPhone to work.

Virtual reality and augmented reality headsets, often known as MR or mixed reality headsets, have traditionally been tied to powerful PCs to handle the heavy processing. Early headset designs remained hefty and difficult to wear regardless, but the industry has largely moved on to independent headsets like the Oculus Quest range. However, this placed a figurative and actual burden on people’s shoulders, which Apple appears to be attempting to avoid at all costs.

According to some sources, Apple would divide responsibilities between the headset and a “host” device. According to reports, the business has completed the designs for the headset’s systems-on-chip (SoCs), as well as imaging sensors and display drivers.

While the headset will handle most of the visuals and basic computing, it is expected to be less powerful than the processors found in today’s iPhones and iPads.It will be devoid of Apple’s Neural Engine machine learning processor, which is used in its augmented reality technology. The concept appears to be to outsource the majority of the work to an iPhone while the headset handles chores like power management that would be impractical to carry over a wireless connection. While the AR headset may work without a tethered device in theory, it will still require wireless communication with an iPhone to be completely functional.

Other AR platforms use a similar setup, except their glasses are more basic and require a connection to connect to a smartphone. Apple’s design, on the other hand, prioritises comfort while still providing the headset with some muscle. Apple’s mixed reality headset is scheduled to arrive as a development kit next year, followed by a trendier pair of AR glasses in 2023.