Twitter Spaces likely to add audio effects

New feature is yet to be confirmed by Twitter


As tweeted by jane Manchum Wong, Twitter is likely to add voice effects to Spaces. Spaces is the audio chat platform of Twitter. Wong’s research found that Twitter is working on Voice Transformer which will allow users to customize their voice pitch and add echo effects to the app.

Spaces app for iOS was limited to a small group of people which came out in June 2020. Later an Android and desktop version were also added.

The sound effects will become useful to people who are self-conscious about how their voices sound on online platforms. The pitch control enables one to change or tune your sound accordingly and will also be helpful for people who like to remain anonymous on Twitter by disguising their voices. This will also help women who are subjected to voice-related harassment or who deal with over-policing of their vocal styles.

Twitter hasn’t been responded to Wong’s tweet. But her researches are generally solid and trustworthy as she had successfully predicted some of Twitter’s new features.