Twitter Ticketed Spaces now available for some iOS users

Details on Android availability were not shared by the company

Twitter Ticketed Spaces now available for some iOS users

Twitter is working constantly to bring more spotlight into its recently launched audio platform- Spaces. The goal to make it successful arise partly due to the failure of Fleets that Twitter had to take down months after its installation. Spaces is Twitter’s audio-only platform and was launched soon after Clubhouse created a big hype in the market. Twitter is adding monetization features on Spaces. This move may be powered by the increased competition from similar apps in the market.

Many similar apps introduced monetization features on their platforms even before Clubhouse thought of it. Twitter’s Ticketed Spaces is a step in that regard. Twitter added it last June to select applicants and now Twitter is planning to expand the feature availability. 

Ticketed Spaces will allow hosts to sell tickets to hosts events specifically for select followers. Hosts using Ticketed Spaces need to have at least 1000 followers and must have hosted a minimum of 3 Spaces in the last 30 days. For now, only iOS users can make use of this feature. This will put a limit on how much the hosts can make.

From the hosts using Ticketed Spaces, Apple will charge a 30 percent commission. This is the usual rate that Apple charges for in-app purchases. Twitter will only charge 3 percent from the remaining 70 percent. It will be increasing the tax to 20 percent if the creator can make more than $50,000 from Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows combined.

Twitter has not mentioned when it will be available on Android. This feature is a big step in monetizing the network. But the limited availability remains a hindrance for it to be successful.