OPPO leaked tablet shows new ColorOS for tablets

The leaked details show that OPPO tablet will be similar to Huawei MatePad 12.6

OPPO leaked tablet shows new ColorOS for tablets

The tablet market is witnessing a re-emergence that is partially powered by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has affected work, education, and lifestyles. With a lesser number of Android tablets in the market, Apple is leading the tablet industry. But we see an increase in the number of mobile manufacturers taking up tablet projects especially in light of the growing interest in the tablet market. It is reported that OPPO is planning to release a tablet soon. 

OPPO has never largely gone out of their safe zone which is smartphones. They had only recently jumped into other devices. It launched its first wearable device this year. It is also working in fields like smart TVs now. So, the company is slowly looking outside its comfort zone. To this list, they are adding a tablet which would be the company’s first. 

The tablet by OPPO was leaked on Weibo by Digital Chat Station. According to the sources, it takes design inspiration from iPad Pro. The large screen leaves a space for the front camera with its thin bezels. It is also similar to Huawei MatePad 12.6. We don’t know for sure that the OPPO tablet will also have a 12.6-inch screen. The leak also describes the user experience planned for the OPPO tablet. The tablet has a version of ColorOS that has a design similar to a desktop and not a mobile device. For this, it added a persistent dock and desktop widgets which are known by iPad Pro users. 

Even though Android tablets aren’t rare, OPPO took some time before entering this arena. But it is possible that OPPO is not looking at a single product because its aim might be to create a smart ecosystem hub. Details on the launch are not out yet.