Review Of Apple’s Latest 12-inch MacBook

Apple recently announced a refreshed 2016 variant of its 12-inch Retina MacBook. The high-tech giant claims that its updated model comes with better battery life and is faster than last year’s model. The general release reaction to the new Apple device is mostly positive, supporting the company’s claims about the enhanced performance.

In terms of specs, the 2016 12-inch MacBook has its RAM increased to 8GB, a new Rose Gold colour option, new Skylake chipset, better graphic performance due to the new Intel HD Graphics 515 and improved battery. The notebook comes with a Toshiba 128GB NAND Flash drive that offers 80 to 80 percent faster drive access speed. The new Skylake chipset used in the 2016 model of Apple MacBook is the Intel Core m3-6Y30. The battery provides around one hour of extra backup and is almost 4 percent greater in capacity than the 2015 model.

Certainly, this upgraded MacBook model is impressive in terms of specs. And for some, the specs is the only aspect that matters. However, some tech analysts notify that Apple has not made much effort with the new 12-inch MacBook model.

The 2016 variant of Apple’s notebook comes only with minor upgrades in the performance aspects. The fact that no major upgrades were made in this model could mean that Apple plans to launch a completely new model with new design and new features.

The publication MacRumors made a roundup of various MacBook reviews. Most of the reviews focus on Apple’s MacBook improved specs, while some of them are mentioning some nice to have features that are missing. Among them are included an improved Face Time camera, Thunderbolt 3 and a greater number of USB-C ports.