Philips Releases Much Needed Update For Its Hue Smartphone App


Philips has released a new official Hue lighting controller app on both iOS and Android. This latest release completely revamps the experience with a brand new UI. As well as much needed design improvements, the Philips Hue app has also received some new functionality, making the release a welcomed one to pump some life back into the official app.

The design and layout refresh now organizes connected bulbs by room to make it even easier to quickly configure specific lights. You’ll now be able to enter commands to control all the Hue lighting throughout your home at once. A handy addition is called “Routines”, which is essentially a timer for Hue lighting that will toggle connected bulbs depending on the time of day. An example would be a wake up routine that would gradually modify the colour of bulbs to emulate a sunrise.

More than 16 million colors and every shade of white light can be selected from to create your perfect scenes. It’s a vastly improved system over what was previously available. The new app can be found on the iTunes App Store and Google Play so head on over for the download.