More Pictures of Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked Line-up Leaked

The line-up is set for launch on August 11th


Samsung’s Unpacked line-up had been leaked earlier too. But the recent leak has given quite a clearer picture of what to expect of the line-up. The line-up includes foldable phones Wear OS smartwatches and earbuds and the leak has even revealed the colour variants available. The leaked images came in a tweet as GIFs on Evan Blass’s Twitter account according to Mark Peters who tweeted “Evan Blass running his own Unpacked show”. Evan Blass is a popular figure and has leaked specifications of various products well before its launch. He has managed to bring out everything about what to expect of the unpacked line-up ahead of its August 11th launch. After Samsung had filed a copyright claim, his video on YouTube was removed. But because of a different policy followed by Twitter the company was not able to take down the tweet from Twitter.

The GIFs include foldable Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy S21 FE, Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. The Galaxy Buds 2, which is the company’s latest earbuds was also leaked by Blass. The company is concerned about the leaks for a long time now, but this it has gone too far. Almost everything about their devices is known in the online platform, that too a month before its official launch.

Here’s the Z Fold 3, which Blass shared GIFs of in whitegreen, and black

And here’s the Z Flip 3, which Blass tweeted in purpleblackgold, and green

Blass’ thread also includes GIFs of what look to be the rumored Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in whitea yellow-ish graypurple, and black. The phone, if released, will likely be a mid-range version of the S21 and looks to take a lot of design inspiration from the Samsung flagship (like how the S20 FE looked similar to the S20).

Blass also tweeted GIFs of two new Samsung watches. One model seems to match closely with rumors of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, with what appears to be a rotating bezel and two buttons on the right side. The watch, which Blass tweeted in whiteblack, and gray, is also expected to run Google and Samsung’s new smartwatch platform.

Source: Twitter