Elon Musk booked a trip to space with Virgin Galactic

Elon Musk booked a space trip


We know that Elon Musk and Richard Branson have the same space tourism plans, which Branson achieved yesterday by traveling to space by his own space ship Virgin Galactic. We have seen it yesterday that, they are best buddies too, and moreover; Virgin Galactic told the Wall Street Journal in a statement that Elon Musk bought a ticket for his first space trip. It’s not certain just where the SpaceX founder is in the queue, but it’s safe to say his ride is imminent and it will garner some attention.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Branson said Musk was a “friend” and suggested he might fly on a SpaceX ship “one day”. He also shared an earlier tweet that has a photo showing him and Musk together in a private place.

Branson and Musk aren’t quite direct competitors in their space business. Virgin Galactic is aimed primarily at space tourists content with suborbital flights, while Virgin Orbit is focused on launching satellites for outfits that can’t justify expensive conventional rockets. SpaceX, meanwhile, has focused its tourism efforts on lunar flybys and usually carries costlier payloads into space.

Source: Engadget.