LG introduces under glass fingerprint sensor for smartphones


LG Innotek, one of the popular components and materials manufacturers has announced a smartphone cover glass which is embedded  with fingerprint sensor module. This can be integrated into smartphones that lets you just place your finger on the smartphone’s glass to register your fingerprint that can unlock the phone.

LG_finger print_sensor

Usually the fingerprint sensor is present below the smartphone’s screen, on the back or on the side, combined with the power button in the form or circle or a square. LG has cut a 0.3mm on the lower backside of the cover glass and installed the fingerprint sensor inside of it using a precision and combination technology. The fingerprint recognition accuracy has false acceptance rate (FAR) of 0.002%. LG adds that the adherence side of both the glass and the fingerprint sensor is 0.0098-inch (0.25mm) thick and can resist the impact of a 130 gram steel ball dropped from 7.9-inch.