Harley Davidson ebikes set for a pan-European release

Harley Davidson offers three models of their ebikes- Mosh/Cty, Rush/Cty and Rush/Cty Step Thru

Harley Davidson ebikes set for a pan-European release

Harley Davidson’s motorcycles are a treat for any vehicle enthusiast. When the brand and its affiliated company, Serial 1 Cycle first released their ebikes in November, the market was restricted to the US and Germany. But the company has confirmed that their ebikes will now be available in dealerships across Europe. 

Harley Davidson’s ebikes have a neat and glossy look and what makes it more interesting is their battery setup. The battery is situated in a bucket near the motor. Usually, bikes will have their battery in the down tube or rear rack. Harley Davidson, by placing their battery as mentioned has managed to position the heaviest component as low and centered as possible. It will help in improving the balance and overall handling of the ebike. 

The brand offers three models of their ebikes. All three models will have the Brose S Mag motor with a maximum assistance speed of 25kmph. 

The most affordable of the three models is the Mosh/Cty which comes at $3,499. This model is well-suited for casual city riding. The battery pack used here is of 529Wh and the model uses a single-speed drivetrain. It is also the lightest one among the three models, weighing almost 48 lb. 

The other two models which are the Rush/Cty and Rush/Cty Step Thru offer automated stepless gear changes because of the presence of an automatic Enviolo NuVInci transmission. Only some ebikes provide such a feature. The Rush/Cty Step Thru has a similar battery as that of the Mosh/Cty. The Rush/Cty has a battery with 706Wh capacity which allows 40 to 185 kilometers. The models carry a price tag of $4,599 and $4,699, respectively.

All three models will also feature robust LED lighting and has the Gates Carbon belt Drive in place of the traditional chain. It will be maintenance-free and will last longer. Jason Huntsman who is the president of Serial 1 notes that the European expansion along with “a great product and a rapidly growing market” will be the reason for the success of the company. 

The ebike market in Europe is estimated to grow towards 3.5 million units by 2024. This will allow Serial 1 to mark its place in the market with more products and features for the customers.