China restricts children’s TikTok usage to 40 minutes a day

Tiktok has announced the launch of a new 'Youth Mode' for children under the age of 14

China restricts children’s TikTok usage to 40 minutes a day

Kids in China face several challenges. Following weeks of limiting online multiplayer gaming to three hours per week, the country is now limiting TikTok usage to just 40 minutes per day. That’s quite severe.

Over the weekend, ByteDance, the company behind China’s Douyin version of Tiktok, announced the launch of a new ‘Youth Mode’ for children under the age of 14. They will be able to use the app for only 40 minutes per day in this new mode. Furthermore, they are not permitted to utilize it between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

This Youth Mode is available to users who have registered with their true name using the country’s authentication system, which was launched last year and requires users to authenticate their identity with a government ID. According to the company, this is just another step toward reducing digital addiction among children.

In a blog post, the company stated that in the Youth Mode, Douyin will also provide tailored material for youngsters, such as experiments, museum and gallery exhibitions, and the country’s natural scenery.

To prevent youngsters from abusing the system, ByteDance has launched a bug bounty scheme, in which you can get a “book card worth 2,000 yuan ($130)” if you find any flaws. TikTok also put a cap on notifications and video downloads for young users around the world last month. Those limits, however, are not as harsh as those imposed in China.

China has taken yet another step to limit the use of digital devices and the internet by children. There isn’t much that children can do because of how strict these rules must be followed by companies. Children should start finding new hobbies such as reading books now.