TikTok introduces an “enhanced” application tailored for the Apple Vision Pro


TikTok unveiled a tailored and “reimagined” app for the Apple Vision Pro, the company disclosed on Thursday. Since its launch on February 2, the Vision Pro has amassed over 1,000 apps crafted specifically for the device, with TikTok now joining the ranks as one of the most popular social platforms available. While users previously had the option to watch TikTok videos through their browser on the Vision Pro, the new native app promises a more immersive viewing experience.

In the TikTok Vision Pro app, the navigation bar and like button have been relocated off-screen to facilitate uninterrupted video viewing, while the comment section and creator profiles now appear as expandable panels on the side of the feed.

Contrary to the mobile app where selecting the comments section overlays them atop the video, and clicking on a profile redirects to a separate page, the Vision Pro enables simultaneous viewing of these elements. TikTok asserts that by eliminating screen size and spatial limitations, the Vision Pro delivers a significantly enhanced content consumption experience. Consequently, users can engage with video content while seamlessly perusing comments without their view being obstructed, a limitation often encountered on the mobile app.

The app also allows users to enjoy TikTok videos in immersive environments, such as Yosemite or even on the moon. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with the device’s Shared Space feature, enabling users to watch TikTok videos while multitasking with other apps.

In a departure from the mobile app’s right-aligned navigation bar, the Vision Pro app places it on the left side, aligning with Apple Vision Pro’s design principles. Icons for profile, share, like, comments, and sound are now positioned on the right side.

The release of this new app follows an earlier confirmation from a product leader at TikTok regarding the company’s development efforts for the app.


At its launch, the Apple Vision Pro boasted over 600 apps tailored for the headset, including popular platforms like Slack, Zoom, Microsoft 365 apps, and Disney+. Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, recently disclosed that the Vision Pro now boasts more than 1,000 apps specifically designed for it. While the headset is capable of running over 1.5 million compatible iOS and iPad apps, spatial apps customized for the headset are optimized to leverage its unique capabilities.

Given the growing trend of entertainment/video apps developing spatial apps for the Vision Pro, TikTok’s decision to offer a dedicated spatial app for the headset aligns strategically. Notably, competitors like Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video have already ventured into this space. YouTube, one of TikTok’s major competitors, has indicated that a Vision Pro app is in its pipeline but has yet to provide a concrete timeline. By rolling out its app ahead of YouTube, TikTok gains a competitive edge in this emerging landscape.

Image Source: TikTok