Your Childhood Game Boy Camera Could Become Your Next Webcam (Yes, Really!)


Remember the iconic Game Boy Camera, that little attachment that let you take grainy, pixelated pictures on your handheld console? Well, forget fancy phone cameras and forget those basic laptop webcams – your next webcam could be this nostalgic relic!

A company called Epilogue is making waves with their GB Operator, a nifty device that lets you play classic Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and even Game Boy Advance cartridges on your modern PC or even a Steam Deck. But Epilogue isn’t stopping there. They’ve just announced they’re working on a mind-blowing update: transforming your old Game Boy Camera into a webcam!

Yes, you read that right. Imagine video calls with a gloriously lo-fi, 16-megapixel aesthetic. The magic happens through Epilogue’s Playback emulator app, the brains behind the GB Operator.

“We’ve managed to get a live feed from the Game Boy Camera, but there’s still some fine-tuning and configuration options to be ironed out,” Epilogue says. “We’re so excited to share this because it’s just too cool to see it work, and we can’t wait to see everyone having fun with it. It’ll be the worst and the best webcam you’ll ever own!”

This isn’t the first time the Game Boy Camera has captured the imagination of tech tinkerers. We’ve seen creative fan projects adapting it for modern use, and even a completely fan-made replica of the hardware. It’s a testament to the enduring legacy of the Game Boy that even after three decades, it continues to inspire innovation and quirky creations. So, dust off your old Game Boy Camera and get ready to experience video calls in a whole new (pixelated) way!

Source: Engadget