We can manage News and Interests feature in Windows 10 taskbar


Microsoft Windows 10 is reaching out to you with its new built-in newsfeed. Even though we cannot tune news according to our tastes, we can change it with few tweaks and can also be turned off, if we want.

As a part of its new updates to Windows 10, Microsoft made certain changes in the default behavior of its operating system, although in I insignificant way. We’ll have new personal computers running on Windows 10 with News and Interest feature on its default.

As much as one would expect, News and Interests feature displays news headlines from various sources which highlight the news of the day. This lies in the system tray at the lower right-hand corner of a standard Windows 10 taskbar. Here, we have a default icon representing the present weather conditions of the local area. Just by clicking on it, we will get a fly-out window of headlines.

Sometimes we feel that certain default choices of “important” news headlines are not that sensational as it appears to be. This issue can be managed by some changes in the configuration.

How to manage News and Interests in the Windows 10 taskbar

We can get the settings for News and Interests from the taskbar settings in Windows 10. By right-clicking or alt-clicking on a blank spot on this taskbar, a context menu will be displayed, and you can select “News and Interests “from this menu. There are several choices in it which includes turning off facility too.

If one wants to change the news according to his or her interests, they will have to go further. After clicking on the weather icon on the taskbar, click on the extended menu button in the upper corner.

From that menu, they’ll get “Manage Interests”, click on it. This will lead them to a webpage, from where they can adjust the default feeds of the news according to their personal interests. Newsfeeds are supplied by MSN and its other affiliates, so that cannot be changed.

This webpage is filled with dozens of choices on news from various fields like local areas, sports, entertainment platforms, etc. There are categories, which matches with your interest. Once you change the setting according to your tastes, you will not get the sensational news headlines of the default settings.

At the end of the webpage, we have a section that shows followed and hidden publishers. For looking into the lists of the publishers, you can click on the “Tune your feed” link in the left-hand navigation bar. This will also help you to tune your news to match your tastes.

Maybe there is also news that is not at all interesting and we can find sometimes this feature of the newsfeed is far from perfect.