Volvo Concept Recharge previews the future of Volvo design and technology


Volvo has announced many new initiatives about the future focus which company is headed. It is from battery technology to advanced driver aids. So the company has showcased a concept car that is added with extreme battery technology and AI-driven, driver-aided technologies. It also shows that the companies direction not only technology but the machines are stylish, electrified, and featuring the latest in safety technology. So the company is focusing completely next level of vehicles which the next generation love to drive.

Volvo not much disclosed about the specifications of the Concept Recharge, but its design will clearly influence future Volvo models, including the company’s upcoming flagship electric SUV that will be revealed next year. What we can say now is the car is beautiful to stunning.


The “Thor’s Hammer” headlights remain, and in the case of the concept, they have wild running lights that slide up and out of the way inside the housing to make way for the actual projector headlights at night time. The whole shape of the car is based around the electric powertrain. It has a low floor and glass roof that means the whole body can be made lower and sleeker without compromising space. The wheels are pushed to the far edges, too. At the back, the car has slim vertical taillights, continuing a Volvo design tradition.


Source: Autoblog