Pininfarina reveals its first customer personalized car

Pininfarina will make only 150 electric Battista cars


Pininfarina has dropped pictures of its electric Battista hypercar which was fully customized according to the preferences of the buyer. The look of the car is said to be inspired by New York City. The personalization is open to all of the Battista’s owners and the company expects to produce no models of the car that look alike.

The revealed picture of the first Battista gives out many details on what it looks like. It is made of the carbon-fiber element which is coated with an Iconica Blu thread to make the black carbon look a lot like dark blue. If you look closely, you can see the black underneath the blue coating. It appears similar to the ‘Murica’ theme with red “Exterior Jewellery Pack” which is given to the windows and side sills. The hand-painted white stripes on the exterior also add to the overall look. The paint used is Bianco Sestiere Metallic, according to Pininfarina.

The wheels have a black center-lock ring and are done in a Dark Matt Grey colour. The Pininfarina logo is made of polished anodized aluminium.

The customization option as said earlier is open to all of its customers and there are 128 million combinations to choose from.  The interior of the car was not revealed. It is said that the seats will have leather upholstery and match the car’s exterior. The white seat belts will make it more attractive.

The company will only make 150 Battistas and they aim to make each one of them unique in their appearance.