Nintendo NES Cartridge of ‘The Legend of Zelda’ beats the record held by Super Mario Bros.

The cartridge for the game was sold for $870,000 in a recent auction


The ‘world record’ which was until recently held by Super Mario Bros. has been taken over by the sealed Nintendo NES Cartridge of ‘The Legend of Zelda’. Auction house Heritage Auctions confirmed that the cartridge was sold at $870,000. But information about the buyer has not been disclosed.

The cartridge dates back to 1987 and still comes in its original packaging. Before its auction the world record for the sale of a video game was $660,000 and was held by the Super Mario Bros. It is interesting to find that people are highly nostalgic about these comparatively old video games.

Zelda was one of the best-known series by Nintendo, which was placed in an alternate magical universe. It incorporates action-based adventure and explorations in its game.