Nintendo’s Dr. Mario World for mobile to shut down on November 1st

The purchase of "diamonds" which boosts the various features of the game will be unavailable from July 29th

Nintendo’s Dr. Mario World for mobile to shut down on November 1st

Nintendo has been able to create some of its games into popular mobile versions. Dr. Mario World which the company introduced 2 years ago seems as it was unable to be successful on the mobile version. The company has decided to shut down the game from November 1st. this decision was announced in a tweet by the game’s official page on Twitter.

Dr. Mario World is the mobile version of the Dr. Mario NES game. The game’s in-built feature to buy “diamonds” will not be available from July 29th as a result of the shutdown. The game copied the Tetris style of the original. Because it was built for mobile, everything moves upward unlike the original. This allows you to play the game smoothly on a mobile screen. It also has a multiplayer mode.

Nintendo developed the game in partnership with Line which is Japan’s popular mobile messaging app. Memories of the game will be kept on a web page called “Dr. Mario World Memories” by the company to allow players to come back to see their memories in the game after the service ends.

Nintendo has in store other popular mobile games like Mario Kart Tour which has been downloaded over 200 million times and Fire Emblem Heroes which has given the company a total of $656 million in net income.