Netflix to Stream Video Games Soon

The company plans to launch games by next year

Netflix offers free plans for customers in Kenya

Netflix is going to add gaming services in their streaming platform by next year. According to Bloomberg, Netflix is all set to dig into the gaming platform as the company hired Mike Verdu as vice president of game development. He served as the VP of augmented and virtual reality games and content at Facebook where he worked on games like Oculus Rift, Quest and Go. He is also a former Oculus and EA executive and was also the head of EA Mobile where he supervised studios that worked on games like Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, SimCity BuildIt, Plants vs. Zombies, and many others. 

Netflix will soon begin strengthening its gaming team and is set to offer games by next year. The company had already release games based on their popular shows on mobiles and consoles. Now they will use the same platform for streaming TV shows, movies, and games. The company hasn’t given any information on whether they will charge extra fees for accessing games or whether there will be a future hike. 

Since the competition among streaming platforms are getting stronger, Netflix is on its way to secure their spot and make sure they are ahead by providing games. This will increase their popularity and will be convenient to the users as they get video shows and video games on the same platform. So you can now simply “Netflix and Chill”.