iPhone 13 may be joined by an updated MagSafe charger

Apple might confirm its September special event today

iPhone 13 may be joined by an updated MagSafe charger

Apple hasn’t confirmed its rumoured September special event. The event is expected to showcase the new iPhone 13. In recent reports, there is proof that a new FCC filing from Apple features a revised version of the MagSafe charger. It indicates a wider range of MagSafe accessories releasing along with the new iPhone. 

According to reports, the FCC filing presents a MagSafe charger with model number A2548. The current one that was released with iPhone 12 is the A2140 version. Apple submitted that test unit to the FCC on August 13, 2021, which is less than a month ago. The filing does not indicate any differences from the current MagSafe charger. Apple usually updates its products with really small changes which sometimes aren’t even noticed. But with the new MagSafe charger things are a little different, it seems. 

FCC has conducted tests with the new MagSafe charger with different iPhone models. The tested phones are iPhone models A2341, A2172, A2176, and A2342. These are all iPhone 12 models. The charger was also tested with four other “New Phone” units which might be new iPhone 13 models. There were rumours in July that suggested the new iPhone 13 will have stronger magnets for MagSafe charging. This confirms that MagSafe accessories will be updated to support the new magnets on the new iPhone 13 models. 

Apple is expected to confirm the September special event today. The main details are expected to be shared on September 14th. We must wait till the event to get more details and confirm the new models.