BMW’s next concept EV is recyclable i Vision Circular EV

BMW claims that the i Vision Circular is 100 percent recyclable

BMW’s next concept EV is recyclable i Vision Circular EV

Automakers bring out concept cars to make way for their upcoming products. The recent IAA Mobility 2021 conference witnessed a rather eccentric product by BMW. The concept EV that BMW introduced is highly futuristic. Both inside and outside of the i Vision Circular EV hatch contain many futuristic technologies that may not come into the production segment anytime soon. BMW introduced it as a part of its dream of sustainable vehicles that they aim to achieve by 2040.

The concept EV is only 157 inches on the outside which is smaller than a 2-series. The inside part features more space because of the EV platform and a smaller solid-state battery. The i Vision Circular EV is aerodynamic. It has an unsharpened grill with shaped edges and some embedded shapes in the place of rounded contours. The concept EV has a light gold anodized finish and at the back, it is a heat-treated blue finish.

What’s more essential is how it’s constructed. To make the EV easier to break down at the end of its life, BMW avoided employing composite materials and bonded connectors. Rather, it’s made largely of recyclable aluminium and employs quick-release fasteners, press studs, and cables so that recyclers may simply disassemble it. As a result, BMW claims that the i Vision Circular is 100 percent recyclable. If you think the exterior is bizarre, wait till you see the interior. The seats are made of recycled crushed-velvet-like material in a pink-violet colour, while the door panels and dash are light mint green. The cabin is built of glass except for the rear quarter panels. The windshield and roof are also made up of glass.

The V-shaped dashboard seems to have been spilled with blue liquid metal. According to BMW, the sculpture is a 3D-printed crystal sculpture that uses illumination to replicate the vehicle’s “thinking.” Meanwhile, driver information is displayed on a heads-up display that spans the whole width of the windshield, and control is provided via a pair of crystal-like touchpads located on the steering wheel. Each seat has its own “dedicated sound zone,” which lets people listen to their own music – a technologically advanced, yet antisocial feature.

While the design is a little crazy, the I Vision Circular concept does include some useful suggestions. BMW wants to demonstrate how it can increase the quantity of recycled materials in automobiles from 30% currently to 50% and greater in the future. It might happen sometime soon, but the crystal interior featured might take a long time to reach production.