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Over the last few decades, blending creativity with technology is a rapidly emerging practice that has attracted both creative and technology organizations. However, with the proliferation of creative talent, it has become a great challenge to identify the ideal candidate that suits the job profile and match the company’s expectations.

Pxljobs.com, India’s best and the only portfolio-driven creative hiring platform help the talent acquisition teams discover creative talent that precisely match the requirements of the organization. We understand the bottlenecks that both job aspirants and recruiters encounter during the recruitment process. PxlJobs.com is a user-friendly and secure job service provider that provides a comprehensive listing of creative jobs for both permanent positions and freelancers across industries and locations. A wide spectrum of authentic portfolios of creative professionals from different domains like UI/UX design, Gaming, Animation, Fashion, Writing, Photography, and so on are available. Some of the salient features of this analytics-driven job service provider include sophisticated dashboards projecting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), enhanced sorting, searching, and multi-level filtering capabilities, simple online interview scheduler with multi-invite capabilities, and so on.

The primary objective of pxljobs is to understand the core strengths of a job aspirant, help create valuable portfolios, publish instantaneously, and circulate the same among multiple stakeholders. We help authentic job seekers to showcase the portfolios to the recruiters and initiate an efficacious career in the creative space.

Advanced customized recruitment solutions of Pxljobs.com assist the talent acquisition teams to streamline the arduous recruitment process of the creative talent. We adopt holistic quality assurance techniques to ensure the authenticity of the portfolios prior to publishing. A blend of human behavioral data, analytical data, and adaptive algorithms are used for multi-level filtering of pertinent portfolios.

Our dedicated team, under the leadership of Ajith Kumar Kannan, Founder and Managing Director of pxljobs.com, comprises of highly-experienced professionals with around two decades of experience in UI/UX design processes, training, and recruitment. Pxljobs is the brainchild of Ajith, a passionate entrepreneur and creative technical expert who believes in integrating creativity with technology. Ajith is also the Founder and CEO of Thoughtgrid Interactive Solutions. His leadership and business management skills has helped several organizations implement intuitive and outstanding customer-friendly business solutions.

Pxljobs.com helps job aspirants jumpstart their creative career and make a niche in the creative world. Using our premier services, job seekers can build high impact portfolios to market their skills and grab the ideal opportunities. Recruiters can join hands with us to simplify the recruitment process and identify the best creative talent with minimal effort and nominal cost. Our platform helps overcome the hassles of the creative recruitment process. We believe in Together we CAN and Together we WILL make a difference in the creative hiring domain!

To know more about pxljobs.com, please write to contact@pxljobs.com