DJI Mavic or Pro 3 leaks suggest a next-gen drone

The launch may happen in October, but some reports points out a delay until January 2022

DJI Mavic or Pro 3 leaks suggest a next-gen drone

DJI is reported to have replaced its Mavic name, but the company is not planning to abandon the range. It was three years earlier that the company last released a main Mavic drone. But it released some other drones. Now the company is bringing a happy news for its fans with the reports of the release of a new drone. If the leaked reports are true then the new DJI Mavic 3 or DJI Pro 3 will have some awesome lot of specifications. 

Given the period between the Mavic 2 and this next drone, it’s not surprising that this Mavic or Pro 3 will receive a significant hardware update. It will also have a significantly different style, but it will be the same size as the 2018 Mavic 2, according to Brazilian YouTube channel Dronemodelismo.

A new collision avoidance system will be implemented, which will rely on sensors that have been positioned to the drone’s corners. The drone will reportedly come with 1TB of onboard storage as standard, however, a 2TB option may be offered in the future. It’s unclear if it’ll be powered by a 5,000 mAh or 6,000 mAh battery, but there should be enough juice to ensure a 40-minute flight time.

The camera system will receive some of the most significant changes, with dual Hasselblad cameras featuring 7x zoom for the top shooter. When the drone is turned off, the gimbal mechanism appears to automatically lock, albeit this raises concerns about the future of DJI’s acrylic protection. Support for Apple’s ProRes format is mentioned in the leak, although it doesn’t go into detail about codec bitrate.

The new drone might be launched in October, but rumors suggest a delay until January 2022. Also, we are not sure of the name that the company will give this drone but it is more likely to be named DJI Pro 3. Sometimes the company will release two models as it did with Mavic 2 and Mavic 2 Pro but all these doubts remain as the company is yet to make a comment.