Diamond, ruby and skull designs make it to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 and Fold3

The customizations are done with some extremely expensive materials

Diamond, ruby and skull designs make it to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 and Fold3

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 and Fold3’s customized “Skull Collection” versions have been leaked by Caviar Royal Gift. This is not the first time that Caviar has leaked devices which the companies haven’t confirmed officially. We don’t get to see more specifications of the devices but the pictures of the devices are realistic with customized details done with some expensive materials. 

Caviar notes that the Fold3 device is made of a design called “Ragnarok”. It is made of “blackened titanium”, and black “composite materials”. The skull made at the back has a polished titanium finish with eyes made of ruby and the surrounding fire of scarlet jewelry enamel. It covers the back of the device and there are no other notable custom elements. This places the light on the importance of the delicate folding technology. The price expected for this device is $10,770.

The customization done on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 make it costlier than the base model by four times. The price is expected to be $46,460.

Two sections of the Galaxy Fold3 are modified with the “Catrina Calavera”. The blocks at the back of the top and bottom are modified with tempered titanium, 18K gold inlays, and a bunch of gemstones. Slash Gear provides the following measurements;

• Sapphires: 125x (1.5mm), 3x (2mm)

• Ruby: 130x (1.5mm), 2x (2mm)

• Emeralds: 145x (1.5mm)

• Diamonds: 14 (2mm)

The embedded skull is hand-painted with black jewelry enamel. There are laser engravings at the back. Also, the “flowers” are “made from a durable and lightweight composite material”.