A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. sets the record price at $2 million

The unopened version of Super Mario Bros. was sold by Rally

A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. sets the record price at $2 million

Breaking the $1.56 million record set by Super Mario 64Super Mario Bros. has been sold for $2 million recently. The copy had a rating of 9.8 A+ on the Wata Scale which denotes that the copy is in great condition. The game was sold by Rally.

What makes it more interesting is that the sale did not involve any auction. Rally is an “alternative asset investment” platform. According to The New York Times, Rally gets hold of physical collectibles and holds “initial offerings” so that people can buy shares in that item. When someone wants to buy something from Rally, the offer is taken to every shareholder and they conduct voting to decide on the matter. 

Super Mario Bros. was bought by Rally in April 2020 for a sum of $140,000. They got an offer for $300,000 for the same that year. But the shareholders rejected the offer. This time too, not all shareholders voted in favour of the sale. But the majority was happy with the offer. 

There is an increasing craze for similar versions of games. Maybe that’s why some shareholders voted against the offer. It was no long before that a boxed version of The Legend of Zelda was sold for $870,000 at an auction. It is possible that we won’t have to wait long for another record.