Carnegie Mellon University discloses that it experienced a cyberattack during the summer months.


Last summer, Carnegie Mellon University experienced a cyberattack that resulted in a breach of personal data, as disclosed by the university last week. The Pittsburgh-based institution, renowned for its leading tech and computer science programs, reported on Friday that the attack affected 7,300 individuals, including students, employees, contractors, and other affiliates.

In a statement, CMU affirmed, “There is no evidence of fraud or inappropriate use of the information from those files.” Nevertheless, the attackers likely gained access to and copied data containing names, social security numbers, and birthdates. Collaborating with law enforcement, CMU took measures to disable access to the copied data.

The unauthorized access to CMU’s systems occurred on August 25, prompting the university to initiate recovery processes and launch an investigation into the incident. The investigation continued into December, and notifications to affected parties began last week. Those impacted will receive credit monitoring services to minimize potential further damage.

As of the time of publication, CMU has not responded to requests for additional information about the attack.