Android might be getting its own version of 3D Touch

Android_ 3D

Android users may soon get their own version of Apple’s 3D Touch.

When Google shoot out its second preview of Android N to developers, Everyone noted the new home screen shortcuts feature which  offered a nice counterpoint to Apple’s 3D Touch. The feature is somewhat similar like 3D Touch, as Google has confirmed it will work with pressure sensitive displays.

The new launcher shortcuts are meant to give developers the ability to add custom shortcuts from the Android home screen. One could create a shortcut from a messaging app to send a message to a particular contact, for instance, or to navigate to a specific location from a maps app.  Android blog Phandroid teamed up with the developer of  Nova Launcher to test out the new feature using gestures to activate the shortcuts.

Though Phandroid’s example relies on specific gestures like a swipe down  to activate the shortcuts, the feature will also work with pressure sensitive displays. This means developers will be able to use the feature to create experiences for pressure sensitive handsets like the Huawei Mate S and ZTE Axon mini that can also work on other devices.