Amazon’s first smartphone photos leaks


Amazon long rumored smartphone prototype appears online and these leaked images are to the credit of BGR. The image did not reveal the actual design of the device as it is surrounded by a protective case. According to BGR, it has a 4.7 inches 720p screen and is powered by an unspecified Qualcomm Snapdragon processor paired with 2GB of RAM. The most interesting part is that the smartphone boasts a total of five front-facing cameras. The top middle camera could be used for photo and video chat, but the rest of four cameras located at each corner might be the secret behind Amazon’s “3D” experience.


All the prvious leaks and claims suggest that Amazon’s smartphone will have a 3D display and will not require users to wear 3D glasses. To achieve this, Amazon’s phone will reportedly use a tracking technology to pull off its glasses-free 3D effect and it is exactly where the four front-facing cameras come into picture. BGR reports that they follow the position of a user’s face and eyes to simulate a 3D perspective as the phone is moved around. On the contrary, TechCrunch reported that there’s no eye tracking involved. Well, how much effective the 3D feature is going to be revealed by June as earlier revealed by The Wall Street Journal. We are expecting more details to come out and fill gaps like pricing as we move closer to June.


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