Alphabet is reducing its workforce by dozens of positions at its X moonshot lab


Shortly after Alphabet and Google CEO Sudar Pichai cautioned employees about impending downsizing, Alphabet is indeed implementing layoffs, predominantly affecting support staff, at its moonshot lab. Concurrently, the company is restructuring X (not to be confused with the platform formerly known as Twitter), with the intention of facilitating the spin-out of projects as independent startups supported by external investors.

Alphabet has confirmed these adjustments, emphasizing its ongoing commitment to supporting affected employees in finding new roles. X division head Astro Teller conveyed the strategic shift toward spinning out more projects as independent companies, fostering collaboration with a broader range of industry and financial partners.

Teller underscored the importance of lean teams, capital efficiency, and the pursuit of breakthrough technologies to address global challenges. The restructuring aligns with Alphabet’s cost-cutting measures and its aim to transform ambitious ideas into profitable ventures within X.