YouTube surpasses 10 billion Play Store downloads

YouTube becomes the first app to achieve this milestone

YouTube is currently testing a lock screen feature exclusively for its Premium users.

The video streaming giant, YouTube has surpassed 10 billion downloads from Google’s Play Store. It was almost likely that YouTube will be the first to achieve this feat given its popularity. Users are increasing in the platform, thanks to increased data speed and connectivity.

YouTube comes pre-installed on most devices and it may be one of the reasons for its number of downloads. But it is to be noted that everyone would have used the platform at least a number of times.

The video streaming platform also benefitted from the pandemic as people began using the platform for a variety of purposes. And the lockdown had given people enough time to simply explore its contents.

YouTube also took pain in introducing new features like the “Super Thanks” feature which was added recently. The company took initiative in keeping the video content makers and the audience connected by introducing such features. This feature also allowed content creators to earn more from the platform.