YouTube gets new seek feature

The new feature is rolled out to select users and is now in the public testing phase

YouTube gets new seek feature

YouTube added a new seek feature on its platform. After YouTube removed the ability to tap anywhere on the seek bar to get to that moment in the video because accidental taps made many users frustrated. The new feature is relatively a better feature than the earlier one.

The progress bar can be brought up by tapping the screen. After this, the user had to hold and press to reach the required spot. It is certainly not the smoothest way to navigate through the video as it requires two different interactions. Also, the user has to navigate only through the progress bar. 

YouTube’s new gesture was discovered by Redditor u/FragmentedChicken. It has been noted that the feature solves the existing problems with ease of access. With this new feature, the user can just tap and hold anywhere on the screen, then slide the same finger to the required time in the video. When you use this gesture, a message will come on top of the screen which reads “Slide left or right to seek”. 

The new feature is rolled out to select users. This confirms that the update is in the public testing phase.