Xiaomi launches its own smart glasses (Video)

Xiaomi smart eyewear translates text in front of them in real-time

Xiaomi launches its own smart glasses

Xiaomi is launching its own smart glasses to compete with Facebook in the wearables market. The device will be able to show messages and notifications, make calls, provide directions, take images, and translate text in real-time directly in front of your eyes.

In a video shared by the company, it showcases a smart glass that is well adapted to all the technological advancements present in the smart glass industry. Similar to Facebook’s smart glasses, they are also not bulky and are similar to common eyeglasses. In the video, the company comments that the smartphone market might be overtaken by smart eyewear. It claims that their smart eyewear is capable of every function of smartphones like calling, notifications, navigations, and many others. 

Xiaomi smart eyewear uses optical waveguide technology for lens display capabilities. It has a 0.13-inch micro-LED display. The company also claims a light output that is higher than 2 million nits. The display screen is maximized by reflection and diffusion of the optical waveguide lens. It allows HUD navigation. The video also showcases that any text in front of the wearer can be translated in real-time by a simple command. The smart eyewear also takes photos by a simple hand gesture. 

With the new smart eyewear, Xiaomi is directly taking on Facebook. Let’s wait until we get more details on the product.