Xiaomi Claims It Sold 720,000 Mi Phones in 12 Hours!


Hugo Barra, Vice President, Xiaomi Global in a Google+ post has claimed that the company sold 720,000 Mi phones in 12 hours of the sale. Barra also shared the numbers on Twitter, and said, “Xiaomi record in China Singles Day sale: 720,000 Mi phones sold, CNY 1B (US$ 163M) in sales in 12 hours.”

Barra also claimed that the company reached $16 million within the first 5 minutes (precisely 4 minutes and 48 seconds). Further, the Chinese handset brand broke its last year full day sales record of $90 million in just four hours of the Singles’ Day sale.

TechCrunch revealed the breakup of the numbers shared by Barra, and noted, “Behind the sales numbers, Xiaomi said it had sold some 720,000 units by midday. Of that figure, around 250,000 were its flagship $300 Mi4 device, with 460,000 units of its $150 Redmi device snapped up. In addition, it says it sold 25,000 of its Mi TVs.”

An earlier report on Tuesday suggested that the merchants were feeling pressure from Alibaba’s Tmall to “boost the day’s figures with heavy discounts and delayed recognition of earlier sales.” Merchants told Reuters that there was no obligation to take part in the festival, but if they did, the only discount option was 50 percent or more.

Source: gadgets.ndtv