Xbox Series S Likely to be a Portable Console

The 11.6 inches display make it more likely to be a portable console


Xbox has decided to launch Xbox Series S as a portable console similar to the Nintendo Switch console. It allows gamers to carry the console with them without having to bring a home theatre with it. The project by UPspec Gaming comes with a display that will be connected to the back of the Xbox Series S console.

The screen, xscreen enables one to connect to the HDMI port and a USB port at the back of the console. It has been provided with latches on the side so that it will stay secure. The display measures 11.6 inches with 1080p and a 60Hz refresh rate. The stereo speakers can be controlled by controls on the screen for volume along with controls for brightness and screen settings. It weighs 695 grams.

It is expected to go on sale by 2022. Other details such as price and places of launch are likely to be published then.