Windows 11 introduced advanced multi-monitor settings


With Windows 11, Microsoft is taking steps to improve the experience for those who utilize two or more monitors/displays. Windows 10 users are having issues with multi monitor experience, now Microsoft solved that.

When we use two or more monitors with Windows 10, many of us have encountered a problem where open programs or tabs get moved to a different location of the monitor or crammed onto a single display when you leave the device untouched some time and it goes to sleep.

This display problem is understandably frustrating and it has been flagged as an issue by a lot of users on the Feedback Hub. Fortunately, as spotted in the leaked build of Windows 11, Microsoft has introduced a new feature that will allow the operating system to remember window locations based on monitor connection.

If you download and install the new version of Windows when it launches later this year, then you’ll have access to new display controls, and your multi-monitor problems will be completely fixed.